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This is the new site for all MINDFULNESS related content from our  original site :--www.HypNOWtherapy.com where therapy related  material can be found. 

Mindfulness is a very practical, down to earth way of approaching and dealing with the thought process that is constantly running in your mind.

There is nothing wooly or vague in Mindfulness, it addresses  that missing element in our education--how to manage the thought process. It shows you how to go about this but does not try to tell you what to think.

Whilst elements of Mindfulness are drawn from other cultures it is important to recognise that Mindfulness is developed  to enable those broadly described as "of the western world" to embrace and utilise  certain philosophies that might at first seem either alien or counter to the way  they normally think.

I hope you will find the articles interesting and  the links useful. 

Mindfulness offers everyone the opportunity to view things with a clear fresh perspective. 

It is easily accessible  in what it offers, giving you the ability to manage thoughts, be more effective, more efficient and happier in both work and personal settings.

Stress related illnesses are becoming more prevalent so it makes sense to reduce or remove the potential cause of those conditions. 

It was suggested in an article in the Daily Telegraph 12-12-15 relating to a study in America  that Mindfulness may reduce the chances of developing Alzheimers disease. Such a vast claim needs further investigation but many studies have shown that  Mindfulness has beneficial effects when practiced as part of daily life. It is used in schools, the workplace, in community settings, for health workers and even in military  training.

I can run courses tailored to your needs whether as an individual or for community and corporate groups.

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