What is mindfulness

I always stress that Mindfulness is simple  but not easy.

Essentially Mindfulness helps you to be in the present moment, dealing with  what is important in ways that make everything you do better. 

That is a big claim but when you get it you will see how true it is--- but remember I said simple but not easy! You have to work at this and devote time to it--- Yes you do have the time for this trust me.

No one teaches us how to think-- many try to teach us what to think but that is something entirley different!

Mindfulness challenges habits , makes you aware of what you are doing  ( and what you are missing) and then allows you to make the changes that will improve what you do and how you do it.

Mindfulness is not a religion, it is not a cult, it has no membership. It draws on various philosophies and practices  from across the globe, some of which form parts of religions which is why people ask "Is mindfulness religious?" It does not clash with any religious beilef and integrates with  all as far as I know.

Meditation is a word that  people often associate with Hippies, alternative lifestyles, eastern religions and many non western images. Meditation is  Contemplation. It is focussed attention on a particular topic -- simple as that. 

The process of meditation is that you  find a physical space  where you can concentrate --- it could be on the bus or train going to work or it could be a quiet part of the garden or a calm space in a public or private setting.

Next you need to calm yourself so that you can concentrate on the chosen topic. Concentrating on your breathing is an excellent way to disconnect yourself from the day to day thoughts that  are always floating around in your head.

The practice of keeping your concentration on a single thing is essentially what Meditation is all about.

Mindful meditation  enables you to discover how to  manage thought processes  so that they support you rather than distract you.

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